New Breed Documentary

The New Breed Documentary chronicles a cassette compilation put out by Freddy Alva & Chaka Malik in 1989. New York Hardcore was undergoing a transition at the end of the 80's & this generational shift was exemplified by the bands that were featured on the compilation.The story of the tape is at heart the story of NYC & kids that grew up in it's five boroughs as well as related outposts in Long Island/Yonkers. A unique set of social/economic circumstances during the 70's & 80's forged the individuals that went on to make up the New York Hardcore scene. 

This full length documentary profiles band members/fanzine editors/record label heads & fans that made up this vibrant scene with narration by NYHC book author Tony Rettman. It's unheard of for a feature film to focus on an outdated analog format like a cassette compilation but it is through the eyes of these individuals that a spotlight is shined onto those tumultuous times & what is ultimately a tribute to a bygone era.

Director: John Woods
Editor: Orlando Arce

Featured Interviews:

-Djinji Brown (Absolution)
-James Damon (Unite Fanzine)
-Kevin Egan (Beyond)
-Andy Guida (Supertouch)
-Sascha Jenkins (Mass Appeal)
-Astoria Lou (Loizos Gatzaris)
-Chaka Malik (Burn)
-Adam Nathanson (Life's Blood)
-Carl Porcaro (Raw Deal)
-Michael Scondotto (Direct Approach)
-Joe Songco (Outburst)
-Dave Stein (Combined Effort Records)
-Gavin Van Vlack (Absolution)
-Brendan White (Bad Trip)
-Bill Wilson (Blackout Records)
-Chris Wynne (In Effect Fanzine)

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